Layering in Red Fleece

Well hello, Autumn. You're late. And you're arriving with scattered showers and temperatures hardly befitting a "New York in the fall" stock print peddled on a midtown sidewalk. Which explains why Fred's in a sweater vest instead of a sweater and a rain slicker. It's still patio weather in October and yet it may rain at a moment's notice. Always be prepared.

The Berkshire pork belly at Fette Sau (Williamsburg) really  is  the truth.

The Berkshire pork belly at Fette Sau (Williamsburg) really is the truth.

This month, we're sharing a few thoughts on layering in Brooks Brothers' Fall '14 Red Fleece Style Papers. While we suggest throwing a down feather vest over a Fair Isle, here, Fred's yellow rain slicker achieves a similar effect. For those whose copy got lost in the mail, we'll humor you below while we get into our Berkshire pork belly and potato salad. Food coma be damned, it's Friday.

As the leaves turn and the mercury dips, the next couple of months are the perfect time to pair up your favorite cold-weather classics, but with a twist. We love layering—it's inherently preppy and no layer is more versatile or easy to pull off than a puffer vest. They add color and texture while being lightweight, should you need to shed it when you warm up. Throw it over a Fair Isle sweater to contrast the color and pattern for one of the season's key looks. Want to try something different? Pull it on over a tweed blazer, or even a suit (go ahead, try a bright vest over a dark suit—it just works).