It's always been about experiences.

The electric grit of a Gary Clark Jr. riff.
The seduction by a 911 Turbo.
The reverie of a Rothko.
The civility of a handwritten thank you.
That first kiss.

These, and moments like them, inspire the way in which we see the world.

As we looked at people we admire, there was an ease about not just the way they lived, but the way they dressed. From David Hockney to William F. Buckley, they lived in a uniform—always nice but not too neat. This uniform shaped how they approached their work, how they approached their world, and how the world approached them.

We want a uniform that represents the kind of men we are: sharp, soft…a walking contradiction. It’s all about personality. F.E. Castleberry began as a simple idea—make the manner of dressing that way more approachable.

Here you'll find our collection of made to measure clothing for a life well-lived. Our hope is that these pieces gild the experiences that happen to inspire you. The idea is to pull yourself together so you can cut loose. To get it right by getting it perfectly wrong.

After all, the better you dress, the worse you can behave.