Chukka Boots

The provenance of the chukka boot hails from the fields of polo, as early models were akin to the boots worn by British polo players after matches. The moniker was adopted from the seven minute period of play of the same name. While hugely popular in the 1940s and 1950s as casual wear, modern iterations have rebooted (pun intended) the boot's popularity and timeless appeal.

We like this pair from Allen Edmonds. Cut from premium suede with a studded rubber Dainite sole and crafted in America with a Goodyear welt*, it is readily apparent—these are chukka boots for grown-ups. Classic and understated, they're more refined than your crepe-soled desert boots. And compliments of the unlined suede uppers (which mold to the contours of your foot), they are just as comfortable. We're into the snuff suede right now, which goes with...pretty much everything. From cutoff jeans to a suit, these have you covered. Of course, lace 'em up without socks as long as you can.

*Because they're Goodyear welted, the boots can be resoled through Allen Edmonds' very own Recrafting® process. Complete recrafting from toe to heel starts at $125.