Loafing and Weaving

by Frederick Egan Castleberry

“What makes existence really nice is virtue—with a dash of vice.”
Harry Graham

I’m a man with few vices. Fine Scotch, dark chocolate, and I suppose…tasseled loafers. My tasseled “collection” embarrassingly verges on vice. Cigar cordovan with a double leather sole, pebbled caramel calfskin, snuff suede, beat-to-hell brown calfskin, vintage Susan Bennis Warren Edwards dark brown lizard, navy suede, braided tassels, but I digress. Do I know how many pairs sit in my closet? No, nor do I want to know for fear of intervention.

If my penchant for tasseled loafers wasn’t a vice already, it certainly is now with the addition of these Allen Edmonds wide-weave leather tasseled numbers. A birthday present from the American shoemaker, they’re the perfect tasseled loafer for the guy with more pairs than he's willing to own up to. Goodyear welted, mocha lamb lining, and a full leather sole—they’re summertime keepers.

Allen Edmonds is currently having their Anniversary Sale through April 24th. It’s good time to pick up a pair...maybe an early birthday present to yourself.