English Horn Buttons

“A firm, hearty handshake gives a good first impression, and
you’ll never be forgiven if you don’t live up to it.”
P.J. O’Rourke

If a perfectly fitting jacket is like a warm embrace, the buttons are the handshake. Handshakes are telling. They let slip almost everything you need to know about a man in three seconds. The button is the handshake of the jacket. It’s the part of the jacket you'll become most intimate with. Not only are buttons functional, but good design beckons they be beautiful. Great design demands it.

God is in the detail and what we do here at F.E. Castleberry is religion. It's for that reason we hand-pick horn buttons with Lutheran conviction. Fred is (infamously) known for dismissing an entire garment’s design on buttons alone. He believes the handshake to be that important...the first impression that indelible. “If the buttons are wrong, they'll haunt me every time I open and close the jacket. It’s a terrible way to live.”

For our house style polo coat made here in New York, it doesn’t get more beautiful than English horn buttons. The best ones, made from cow and buffalo hooves and horns, are often streaked and come in a variety of colors. At 1⅛” wide, our English horn buttons envelop the pinch of your fingers, feel solid to the touch and yet as warm as a Scotch neat...which is what you want when passing this down to your sons.