Icons of Men's Style

Bill Blass said it was a matter of instinct.
Richard Eberhart claimed it was the perfection of a point of view.
And Edna Chase declared you can’t buy it.

They were musing about style. And while style is what you have and not what you buy, it remains elusive to most men. This sartorial pandemic can partially be attributed to most men’s lack of style icons—individuals or characters (past and present) you are drawn to. Personal style starts there though...icons. Amanda Brooks sums it up perfectly when she observes, “Style does not come to you unless you pay attention to it.” It’s something one develops through a constant looking process. That looking process will be in vain though if your closet is full of clothes your mom or ex-girlfriend picked out for you.

Icons of Men’s Style can help you with that. The thorough encyclopedia examines the most important menswear staples (the duffle coat, the polo shirt, the penny loafer, the diving watch, etc), their provenance and history, the stories of their design, the brands that started it all, and how the iconic pieces shaped the way men dress today. Now you can know, and knowing is half the battle.