White Sneakers

After April showers fall and the mercury rises, the white sneaker is our go-to shoe in the summer. Not only do they look cool given their light color, they literally keep your feet cool by the light they reflect. And if in canvas, even cooler thanks to the lightweight fabric's porous nature. The English refer to them as trainers, which seems more appropriate since most of them are worn on and off the courts of racquet sports like tennis, squash, and badminton.

Tretorn Nylites (tennis), Jack Purcells (badminton), and Adidas Sambas (soccer) can be fished out of our closets on any given summer day (after some diligent digging, mind you). But it's these Nike Killshots for J.Crew that are our favorites this season. Originally designed some 30 years ago with a low profile stance for playing squash, they boast touches of white suede. If there is a leather that embodies "summer," it's suede—exhibit A: white bucks. Wear them with chinos, canvas jeans, shorts, and even your cotton khaki suit. All four of these white sneakers can be found for less than $75, a price you can take in stride no matter how hot is gets.