The Moc-Toe Penny Loafer

It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes. YES GOD. Hardy Amies, the English menswear designer and official dressmaker to Queen Elizabeth II, preached that (he’s dead now, God rest his soul). Around here, it’s as much gospel as Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.

We tend to dress up our sportswear and dress down our formal wear…but usually always with a well-made shoe. Why? Because we’re not 10 years old anymore. We take our shoes very seriously (just not ourselves). The moc-toe penny loafer is one of our essentials.

Originating in the 1930s, somewhat unbelievably, the moc-toe penny loafer was born when the Spaulding company produced shoes styled after those of Norwegian dairy farmers that had appeared in an article in Esquire Magazine. It’s become the closest thing to a shoe suitable for any occasion. Sure, they can feel very Thurston Howell III. We tend to think they’re more Miles Davis. Most importantly, they’re unapologetically American.

Allen Edmonds’ moc-toe penny loafers boast a sleek last with a soft round toe (you’ll love that), an elongated penny tab at the vamp (you want that), and Goodyear welted construction (you need that). They’re handcrafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin via a process consisting of 212 different steps.

[Sidebar] Expensive Goodyear welted shoes can last almost as long as you do if you take care of them. The key is in their ability to be re-crafted (and Allen Edmonds’ most certainly are). Shoes are stretched over their original lasts (to retain shape and appearance), soles are replaced, welting, laces, and heels are replaced, and the uppers are refinished—they essentially look new again, all for about the price of a cheap pair ($125-$200). [End Sidebar]

It’s no secret we like clothes...a lot. But we love taking care of people. And it’s because we love taking care of people that we’re going to get one of you into a pair of Allen Edmonds, on us. That’s right, lucky you. Enter to receive our email newsletter (which you want to be getting anyways) and one of you will be chosen at random on Thursday April 14th. For the rest of you, you can invest in a solid pair right now at a great price during Allen Edmonds’ Anniversary Sale running until April 25, 2016.