Technically Speaking

Technical outerwear is having a moment, a shining moment...literally. In fact, the shinier the better. We like that it pairs really well with the hardy tweeds, scruffy herringbones, and woolly flannels we're wearing this winter. While goose down parkas and puffer vests over tailored clothing isn't necessarily virgin territory, what seems to be feeling really good right now is layering on a lacquered piece.

Moncler, known for its signature lacquered nylon (you know, the down jackets you can practically see your reflection in), has been preaching this gospel for some time now. RLX has been following suit. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of high design and technical peak performance apparel, their commitment to technical performance wear as of late is impressive.

If for only layering, like this lightweight down vest, opt for a bright hue. It's just at home under your jacket as it is over it (and don't worry about your jacket peeking out from under the vest). Just keep it low profile and fitted, but not tight. The matte/luster contrast creates an interesting dynamic with visual depth that highlights your rig, not hijacks it. Shine on.