Princeton Crew, 1948-'50

Christian Chensvold of Ivy Style introduced this little gem a couple of days ago and we simply could not refrain ourselves from folding it into the catalogue here. Shot 15 years before T. Hayashida’s pilgrimage, it is essentially an 8mm moving picture prequel to Take Ivy. When Chensvold scooped it up from Princeton Campus Life’s YouTube channel it only had a meager two views (at the time of this publication, 900). It is a lengthy watch at just under 20 minutes but worth its weight in brass buttons.

Actually need to pay attention during your summer term poli-sci lecture? Hit the highlights below:

  • 2:58 Saddle shoes with no-break trousers
  • 4:36 Blazers and ties for travel
  • 8:21 Sash crew tees and 4” shorts
  • 8:31 Letterman sweaters
  • 10:36 Weekender travel bags
  • 13:32 Team spirit
  • 13:54 V-neck sweater (notice fit)