Khaki: Cut from the Original Cloth

“In these pages, khakis dance, serve correctness, relax, and, most of all, make us feel like they and we belong. These images feel so good you almost want to touch them, like the tactile satisfaction of a most favored pair of worn khakis.”
Richard Martin

Chinos are at the bedrock of the prep-set wardrobe, and culture, for that matter. Seven to eight pairs, in a scad of hues, are crammed into our chest at any given time. We know gentlemen that have literally never owned any other pant. From prep school to business casual, chinos all they’ve known and all they care to know. Khaki: Cut from the Original Cloth pays tribute to the ongoing love affair numerous American subcultures, including preppies, have with chinos.

Everyone from Einstein to the Kennedy brothers to Pablo Picasso to fighter pilots live on in earthy black and white photographs by the likes of Annie Leibovitz, Linda McCartney, and Henri Cartier-Bresson to name just a few. Save an introductory essay, the book conveys a touching history on the merits of photographs alone. The result feels as good, if not better than, that perfect pair.