JvdF Tie Bracelets

Two years ago, Justin von der Fehr stumbled upon a vintage crocodile billfold (circa 1950) that had been passed down to him from his grandfather. This singular piece served as inspiration for his collection of men’s wallets and bracelets. Each piece is made by hand using lizard or crocodile (by special request) and vintage repp stripe silk with contrast stitching. Although Von der Fehr began his career in fashion as a male model, his penchant for details and materials led him to create his own accessories under the JvdF moniker.

A number of you ladies and gentlemen have been curious about these silk tie bracelets since being featured in Sergei Sviatchenko’s Close Up & Private photography collection. Starting at the end of February, JvdF Tie Bracelets will be carried in Paul Smith boutiques in London, Paris, and Milan. The most convenient way to get one around your wrist is to email them at info@jvdf.net. They will fulfill your order directly and ship worldwide.