Just You and Me, Kid

by Frederick Egan Castleberry

As a father of two boys nearly 16 months apart, I am rarely afforded the opportunity to spend time with them individually. I believe that is an important aspect to parenting—one-on-one time with each child. Their identity shouldn’t always be wrapped up in birth order. Sometimes I want my sons to simply feel like they each have my undivided attention...to genuinely feel I care about what’s going on in their little world.

Jonah—my youngest—and I did just that last weekend in bonding over burgers, bowling a couple of frames, and hitting up a Rangers ballgame. We capped it off my shooting some photographs for his mom. Of course, I had to get a father & son shot.

What we love: (me) tortoise shell eyeglasses, Kiel James Patrick sailing belt, Rugby fisherman sweater; (Jonah) cotton/linen Pochette Square pocket hanky (as he calls them), denim jacket.