Shaving is a therapeutic experience for us in the morning. The feel of a well-balanced handle in between our fingers, the methodical stroke upon stroke, the rejuvenation—it's a nice ritual. A man can wax introspective while staring himself in the mirror and holding a blade to his throat. However, there is this moment when the romance of it all is lost. It's the moment we realize we're on our last blade and that blade's last shave was yesterday. It's an amateur move. But we're busy, so this happens more than we'd like to admit. We need fresh blades and cream delivered to our doors on our schedule.

Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider (Warby Parker cofounder) realized this too. Together they created Harry's and it's doing for shaving what Warby Parker did for glasses: offer a better designed product directly to customers in a market plagued by exorbitant prices. From their timeless yet modern ergonomic handles to their "gothic arch" blades, Harry's team of more than four hundred German engineers design and manufacture everything.

Evangelizing a luxury, modern point of view on design pays off for Harry's. The guys took aesthetic inspiration from older ballpoint pens and knives boasting unique handles. With offerings in precision-grade aluminum and colorful blends of high quality polymers (a highlight is the safety orange), the result is quite handsome. We love the aluminum handle for its engravable quality (if it's not moving, monogram it).

Harry's, taken from a grandfather figure in Raider's life, offers shave plans ($1.56 per blade and $8 per cream) based on how frequent you shave. It's easy and automatic. We no longer worry about buying razors or cream now. Every two months, we get a delivery at our door just before things get, well...hairy.