GQ Insider

by Frederick Egan Castleberry

Around here, we love GQ and their crusade to take care of men. Our mission is quite similar and it’s a responsibility we take quite seriously. That being said, I am honored, grateful, and blessed to be featured in GQ’s March issue as a GQ Insider (essentially, a tastemaker).

Crack open the 1999 volume of a Weatherford High yearbook and inside you will find my portrait under "Most likely to be on the cover of GQ." That superlative was bestowed upon me by my classmates. Today, I'm one step closer to fulfilling that facetious prevision.

Our peers often see our potential before we see it in ourselves. Listen to them. Notice. From a small Texas town of 18,352 people, a kid who was curious about clothes made it out of his hometown and into the cornerstone publication of men's fashion.

While 50 pages away from the cover, I'm right behind the table of here's to working harder, better, faster, stronger in 2016. Thank you GQ.

Fun fact: Justin Bieber, Leo Chan, and I all sit under pastor Carl Lentz's ministry at Hillsong NYC.