Frank Clegg Leatherworks Signature Duffle

Although Duffel, Belgium may not be on your radar while planning your weekend tryst, the bag hailing from this little town should be. Two or three nights don’t warrant a small suitcase, but the utilitarian duffle fits the bill brilliantly. Though traditionally rendered in canvas, legendary leather artist Frank Clegg crafts some of the most beautiful renditions in leather. “I like to make a nice product. I like people to be happy with our product. That drives me more than anything...,” muses Clegg as we finger a new arrival of vegetable tanned leathers in chestnut, chocolate, and green.

“The full grain, tumbled, vegetable-tanned leather you see here is distinctly ours, perfectly suited to its intended purpose. What you end up with is worth any effort that goes into it.”
Frank Clegg

The factory is more like a huge workshop. Clegg's tools are strewn about the table where he’s installing brass hardware on a bag. Their premium quality vegetable-tanned leather bags are handcrafted in Fall River, Massachusetts with passion, conviction, and meticulous artistry. The result is simply beautiful. Though understated in its sized-to-carry-on design, our Frank Clegg Leatherworks duffle has garnered high praise from New England to New York, Dallas to D.C. Authentic, luxurious yet classic. You can either tell the difference or you can’t. And like your favorite pair of khakis, these bags only get better with age.