Benchmade Tassel Loafers

Benchmade Tassel Loafers

There is this pomp and circumstance about a benchmade tassel loafer that distinctly says, "I care." Perhaps it's the ornamented aura they induce when you slip them on; or the Goodyear-welted construction and double leather sole; or the full calfskin lining for comfort and longevity (because let’s face it, we’ll rarely be wearing socks). Maybe it's the fact that they're crafted with Chicago's Horween cordovan (arguably the best cordovan in the world today); or that they're kept on a shoe form far longer than today’s standard; or it could easily be the over 200 separate operations spanning eight weeks...

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"Having the right pet is as important as having the right polo is allowed to contradict in its behavior every established rule and value of the prep household."
Lisa Birnbach, The Official Preppy Handbook

Wonderfully good-natured, golden retrievers can always be praised for bringing the neighbor's newspapers to the breakfast table undamaged and scolded for digging huge holes in the rose garden.

Francesca Joy Palm Beach

There is a certain cachet about Palm Beach. It’s not just another preppy beach town. It’s the prep resort cradle of life. After all, “Lillys” were birthed here some 50 years ago and the island hasn’t slowed fostering fashion designers since.

Eighteen months ago, island decorator Carolyn Roy joined Connecticut based artist Elise Francesca to launch Francesca Joy Palm Beach, a collection of colorful hand-painted tote bags, chemises, pillows, and table linens. The spontaneous and colorful collection is inspired by Francesca’s fine art paintings and Roy’s interior design work. Their Palm Beach base certainly informs the lush, coastal finish in the colors and designs. Each piece is individually hand-painted and made in the U.S.A.