“Clothes are never a frivolity: they always mean something.”
James Laver

Designed in New York and made to measure in fabrics from the best English and Italian mills hundreds of years in the making. They were spinning and weaving long before us and they'll be spinning and weaving long after we're gone. We like things well done, yet easy and approachable.

We choose to wear suits; they aren’t required. What they are is a kind of uniform. You don’t have to think about it (too much). But when you do, be thoughtful. To have one’s suits made-to-measure is a luxury…a practical no-nonsense luxury.

Our house style suit and jacket is sewn largely by hand, cut on the slimmer side, and fully canvassed with a natural shoulder. It’s almost as comfortable as wearing a sweater—draped and yet still fitted. It begins molding to your body the moment you slip it on and only gets better with age. Our approach to design is tailored to make you feel put together from Oxford, Mississippi to Oxford, England.


Suiting starts at $1700.

Jackets start at $1500.